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Aromatherapy classes you can trust.

No more myths. No more dangerous advice. We cut through the white noise and bring you aromatherapy lessons backed by decades of experience — from clinical aromatherapists certified by NAHA and AIA. Did we mention we're also professional teachers?

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Michelle Boyer PA

"Hard topics made easy! Joy and Cindy are able to present complicated topics (chemistry, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology) in an understandable, applicable and an awesomely fun way. So that you can actually use the knowledge comprehensively when working with essential oils and abstracts."


Essential oil education for everyone.

Getting started? Years into your career? Our classes meet you where you are, with options for total beginners and in-depth lectures for advanced practitioners.


The Aromatherapy topics you care about.

Brew a mug of tea and take a deep dive into the topics that really matter — like safe application of essential oils and the energetics of Aromatherapy.

Brick and Mortar

A no-BS approach to Aromatherapy.

We know how much misinformation is out there. This is authentic and ethical Aromatherapy, with a foundation in chemistry and our real-world experience as clinicians, teachers, and massage therapists. Our classes give you genuine, hands on advice you can use right away.


Fall in love with essential oils again.

We love oils. They're part of our lives (and our pets' lives!) every day. Our classes are designed to rekindle your love of aromatherapy, and bring energy and confidence to your professional or everyday use of essential oils.


Holly Sears

"After only 1/2 hour with Joy and Cindy, I knew exactly how much I didn't know and also how almost all that I had learned was just plain wrong. These ladies have turned my life around with their unbelievable depth of knowledge and expertise. They are authentic, passionate and have such respect for the plants and the trees."

Your Instructors

Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Brownley

  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Clinically Certified in Aromatherapy
Photo of Joy

Joy Musacchio

  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Clinically Certified in Aromatherapy

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With purchase of an online class, you get:

  • A printable (PDF) recipe download
  • Access to our private Stillpoint Online Facebook group
  • Group activities and blending challenges